About Us


Ramps Corp started in 2012. With the goal of being a leading distributor of household items. Fueled by the desire to provide our customers with only top quality items at affordable prices. Since its founding, Ramp-s Corp has expanded into the distribution of many product categories. Including Toys, Houseware, Glassware, Home décor, Food Products, Electronics and clothing.


To bring the most affordable and highest quality items to every Filipino. We believe that high quality does not need a high price tag.

To always work with what is best for our customers at all times. Customer satisfaction is our main goal.

To always never accept what is acceptable, and always give 110 percent in every thing we do.


Our Vision is to bring the highest quality products at a price that is affordable to everyone in the country.



Our line of international quality glassware and household products. We import and distribute everything you could need for you home and restaurant. Ranging from Tumblers and glasses to plates, bowls, shot glasses and other necessary cooking items. And various kinds of Home décor, Edge Houseware offers quality products at affordable prices to everyone.

Food Products


Giving you a compelling reason to fall in love with us, our brand offers a range of nuts that uses only freshly harvested nuts, seasoned with the finest ingredients to give you the most indulgent nut snacking experience ever. It is all about falling in love at first crunch.


Elisha Fruit Flavour Aerated Drink is a cool and refreshing drink that captures the essence of the different fruits. Lightly flavoured with a balanced taste, the drink will surely please the taste buds. The unique packaging itself is a conversation starter.



Ramp-s Corp currently works with an assortment of products in the toy business. We are the exclusive distributor of Pink Fong Baby Shark toys and merchandise in the Philippines. We have also signed other toys such as Zuru’s 5 Surprise line, Whistle racer cars, Qpeas collectable dolls and many more.

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